Emotional approach to sponsorship


With access to SponsorOptimizer you can work strategically and value-based with sponsorships and thus achieve an optimum effect on your brand.

SponsorOptimizer gives you as a sponsor the opportunity to optimize your sponsorship portfolio going forward through a more emotional approach to sponsorship.

With SponsorOptimizer you will as a sponsor get:

  • a value-based evaluation of your existing sponsorship portfolio
  • insights into the value match with potential sponsorships
  • identified the most relevant sponsorships in relation to the desired brand values

The uniqueness of SponsorOptimizer is the possibility of simulation. Depending on what values you want your brand should be associated with, you will get the most relevant sponsorships identified. In other words, SponsorOptimizer shows you, in which “direction” to look for the right sponsorship for you and your business.

“SponsorOptimizer – A strategic and value-based research tool for the sponsorship market”

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