Help your customers find the right partner within sponsorship

Become a partner

Gersdorff Research is the company behind the research tool SponsorOptimizer, and we launched SponsorOptimizer in Denmark at the end of 2014.

We do strongly believe, that SponsorOptimizer has an international potential, and therefore we are looking for like-minded people, who are passionated about sponsorship and by changing the way business is done to the greater good of our customers. Knowing that we hold only parts of the puzzle, our international success depends on unique and strategic partnerships. The sponsorship world is changing because of people like us – people with dreams and skills. If you see things like we do, we should talk.

We prefer partners with industry expertise, and in return, we will enable you to create a new market in your country and exploit a unique business opportunity with SponsorOptimizer.

We are especially looking for partners in Norway, Sweden, UK and Germany.

Partner Program Benefits

We see partners as an extension of ourselves. That is why we provide you with support within sales and marketing, that will help you and your team to succeed. Our marketing and sales benefits are designed to attract new customers to your business. And our incentive structure will help you invest in and grow your business.

You will have access to the resources needed to build your business, train your employees, and service your customers.

“SponsorOptimizer – A strategic and value-based research tool for the sponsorship market”