Create sales and added value through value-based sponsorships


Previously, the focus was only on the banner exposures, tickets and meals, when sponsors and rightsholders reach an agreement. Today, it is also important that the sponsorship is associated with the right brand values for an optimal effect on the brand.

SponsorOptimizer is a strategic and unique multi-client research tool for the sponsorship market, and the tool helps the ”players” on both sides of the “sponsorship table” by matching sponsor and property based on their current brand value profiles.

The high-quality research tool focuses on the domestic sponsorship landscape within sports, culture and social sponsorships.

Thanks to its syndicated approach, SponsorOptimizer provides outstanding value for money.


Companies can use SponsorOptimizer to identify the major national sponsorships, that just stands for the values that companies or brands want to be associated with, whether it is in sport, cultural or social sponsorships.

SponsorOptimizer provides access to value profiles of the 150 largest sponsorships in the country. The tool covers both the national as well as international sponsorships in the country.


SponsorOptimizer can help rightsholders to identify the companies or brands that have the best value match with their sponsorship – and therefore the most potential sponsors from a value-based perspective. SponsorOptimizer maps value profiles of more than 250 large companies and brands.

Value match plays a central role for more and more marketers, when they agree on a sponsorship deal. An insight that is deeper and can be used to find the right sponsorship, develop more relevant activation plans, and thus generate more sales and create added value for both the sponsor and the property.


Brøndby IF3“With access to SponsorOptimizer we can now document, which values our football club brings into play in relation to our existing and potential sponsors. In this way SponsorOptimizer helps us to qualify and deepen the dialogue on a partnership with our club, especially with potential partners”.

Henrik Reichel Bartholdy, Commerciel Director, Broendby IF

“SponsorOptimizer – A strategic and value-based research tool for the sponsorship market”

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